Some entries are edited for brevity.  All are real testimonials.

" Jaci’s experience as a therapist, combined with the empowering methods of EFT have shown me how to take take responsibility for, and to implement, the future I want for myself. "  Marie in KS

" I came across QHHT by accident when I found my way to a past life regression workshop led by Jaci.  During the group regression, I had an experience like nothing I’d ever encountered before......

 I eventually ...had two sessions, one past life regression and one QHHT....   The long-term effects of the sessions have been so empowering!  I can honestly say that this has changed my life.  I am not the same person as I was before.  For me, It all goes back to what this has done for my anxiety.  I lived with high anxiety for 30 years, and its trickle-down consequences (i.e. insomnia, seizures, self-medication, fear, mistrust, bad relationships, etc.).  With an insight into patterns and an understanding of my gifts, I began to learn how to really see all the “stuff” I had been carrying for so long......   These sessions didn’t “fix” me.  They were the beginning, the understanding, and ultimately the validation for me to feel ok to do the hard work.  Overall, it led me down a path that helped me improve my relationships, my physical health, and gave me a better quality of life. "  D. in KS.

From a client who had a deep fear of flying and had to fly from Europe to the U.S. with her children:

" ......I GOT ON THAT PLANE. I DID IT. I didn't panic, I didn't need the medication that the doctor had prescribed me, in fact it never got used.  I was able to sit there next to my 4 year old daughter and be proud of myself and be at peace instead of being ashamed of being so afraid that I couldn't breathe.  I did it and YOU guided me to it.....  With you and EFT my life changed.  I'm okay with airplanes now, in fact, I'm planning to FLY to Texas this fall to visit a friend.  Anybody who crosses paths with you is blessed.  Your compassion, knowledge, and passion, which you share with those seeking to find peace of mind, body and soul, are a gift.  Words cannot express the gratitude I have for your guidance.  You have touched my life, made it better and opened my eyes to peace and to EFT.  Blessings to you my friend!" ~ Jennifer Runyan, Louisville, KY 

" Jaci,
Thank you for the opportunity of doing a Past Life Regression.  This was my first experience..... and of course I was at first a bit nervous/anxious due to the uncertainty of what to expect. You were able to resolve that without realizing.  

Your energy as a practitioner can be felt despite the working distance, and your soothing voice lent to creating a magical journey. I enjoyed the journey, and retrieved an amazing gift that was waiting for me to discover, and start using it.

You are truly gifted, and skilled at what you do.  Thank you very much,
Blessings & Gratitude!"
Rev. Dwight Palmer, CRMT
Reiki Master Teacher 

" In addition to her education and training in Counseling and Addictions, Jaci is an incredibly well credentialed and experienced practitioner of EFT.  She has studied with many of the foremost teachers of EFT and is constantly updating her techniques to encompass the most recent innovations.   With Jaci I have moved from small shovels to major industrial strength extraction methods for deeply buried mental and emotional issues.  Topics that I previously would have never thought could have been put into words have been expunged from my life and so effortlessly that I have been incredulous. 

Life as I live it today is  very different than before I met EFT and continued to explore its miraculous results with Jaci."  Pat Felton, Wichita, KS

"I had six sessions with Jaci and it was a blessing that I very much needed at that time in my life. I had developed some serious health issues involving my thyroid and I was worried sick. I felt that there were some "underlying"  issues but not sure where to start. Jaci was guiding me to the core issues involving my reluctance to speak up for myself when dealing with difficult people. Hence the thyroid issue came into play to give me a wake-up call. Working with Jaci and her guidance to get to the core issue has helped me tremendously. I am no longer having issues with my health and she has taught me how to deal with some "issues" that bubble up and what I can do to help myself. I highly recommend Jaci since she is genuine and saw through my "avoidance" tactics very quickly and gently guided me to face the core issue."  

 EW from NE Kansas


Dear Jaci,
At the time I connected the dots to identify the underlying factors contributing to the diagnosis of MS in my body, I was referred to you. It was suggested, I might benefit from the kind of therapy you practice.
You introduced me to EFT Tapping. From the first session we zeroed in on issues I had been dealing with throughout my life. Using EFT Tapping, together we addressed beliefs, emotions, stress & anxiety that was affecting my well being.
Throughout the process you encouraged me to take the reins of my own healing. After every session, you generously provided additional information & resources to assist me in my evolution.
The skills you bring to the therapeutic relationship are invaluable. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to work with you. I'm healthier, happier & stronger for the experience.
Thank you,"
Debra Guerra
Wichita, KS