Past Life Regression

While in trance state, you are guided to a lifetime in which you receive answers to questions relative to this lifetime.  You gain understanding and healing of current situations & relationships as well as emotional & physical challenges.    Innate skills are revealed.  Information is received that helps you move forward.  Sessions = approx. 90 minutes.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Developed by Dolores Cannon, QHHT is a specific regression protocol in which you will visit one or more lives that reveal information you're seeking regarding questions about your experiences in this life time.  In a 2nd portion of the QHHT process you communicate with and ask questions of your Higher Self.  A body scan is done.  You receive deeply loving support as well as physical & emotional healing.  Sessions = 3-4 hours.

Beyond Quantum Healing

A guided/hypnosis process in which you are shown lives from past, simultaneous, or future realities and lifetimes.  This can put many questions one has about this lifetime into perspective.  Understanding as to how to live a balanced and productive life now is often received, as well as insights into one's origin and why you are here on Earth at this point in time.  Healing can be received on many levels.  The experience is powerful and valuable for those who choose it.  Duration - approx. 90 min.

EFT and Energy Psychology

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a meridian tapping therapy in which acupuncture meridians on face/upper body are stimulated with light tapping.  EFT interacts with both the subconscious and central nervous system.  It is quite effective for stress management and healing for all forms of trauma.  EFT is also an excellent tool for addressing the emotional component of chronic and persistent physical issues/illness.  Energy Psychology methods used involve guided visualization and also interact with the subconscious as well as one's energy field.  Changes occur rapidly and with ease......sometimes seeming to happen almost like "magic."  

Oracle Card Readings

Oracle cards are different from Tarot cards in that Oracle cards are prescriptive rather than predictive.  When used skillfully, they provide interesting and quite new insights and perspectives into the questions and information sought by clients.  As a transformational tool, they provide a unique opportunity for receiving guidance, coaching, and counseling in a much different format than one generally receives.  Clients report being amazed at how relevant the information is to their unique questions and situations, and how helpful the guidance is.


Because of the variety of services I provide, there are too many FAQs to list.  Please contact me, and I'm always happy to answer any questions you have.